Brand Extension

Additional Benefits

Except for our main services we also provide a set of some additional perks mostly connected with the healthcare, such as an identification of symptoms with providing the further referral on demand, providing the basic healthcare and chronic disease support, sponsoring various diseases preventive services and taking care of the general state of the affordable and available healthcare.

The services that we provide are proved to be rather pliant, modernized and multiway which helps us to deliver the best and the newest interaction with our customers while granting the implementation of the great advances in the field of healthcare.

Customer Expansion

One of our main tasks as your partner is to expand your customer database by increasing the meaning and importance of the interaction with your customers to the maximum. With the implementation of the variety of digital technology types it’s now getting more and more difficult to keep up with all the current advances. The more complicated this digital world gets the more invaluable it is to get yourself a reliable partner who can make this experience as easy as ABC while at the same time carrying out the customer experience with maximum efficiency. Judging by our large experience and expertise in the field, you can be fully confident that we will be able to provide your customers with a full circle of qualitative customer service (attracting attention to the company and its services, maintaining this interest in the course of time and bringing the customer closer to the sale point) through the unity of marketing, sales and brand-new technologies.

Selling Both: Online and Offline

In the age of continuous digital development, it is important to stay up-to-date and conscious of the constant changes happening in this field. It concerns marketing and sales department directly as nowadays more and more customers turn to making purchases online. And they expect this experience to be not worse than the offline one. So our task as your partners is to accompany your customers on their way through online purchasing: from the first till the last stage of it. In order to achieve this goal, we concentrate our attention on the continuous changes in the digital world, carrying out various polls, tests and optimizations to improve the way your online customers make use of it. With the help of our highly qualified employees and thanks to the fact that our focal point is always concentrated on the customer, we never cease to amaze our customers with the best services ever, both online and offline, as well as satisfying our brand partners’ needs.

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